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Library: VIN & Motor Numbers
Our on-line Alfa Romeo Archive database contains over 780,000 data points that allows you to search and identify models by VIN or engine number, as well as to locate correct engine number(s) for a given model and year.
VIN Number Search
Almost all antique Alfa Romeos have their VIN numbers stamped into the passenger side fire wall. Some newer models would have the VIN also engraved in a small tab just behind the windshield (right next to the driver side windshield post) as well as in the driver side door jamb. The door jamb VIN indicators 9-out-10 times use a small metal plaque riveted onto the car.
Motor Number Search
Engines, much like VIN numbers have a 4 or 5 digit Tipo number, followed by a serial number, which in some cases starts with a number indicating the model it was fitted to. You can use this tool to verify that the engine number you have belongs to the given year and or model of Alfa Romeo.
Find Vehicle's Matching Numbers
The term "matching numbers" typically means that the engine and transmission are marked with the same sequence number as the chassis VIN number. The value on matching numbers cars and originality is increasing, and you'll find much higher prices associated with these rarer cars. Click here to look up VIN and Motor numbers by model.