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At MyAlfa, we know how important it is to have the right documentation to any project. This could not be more true when working on antique Alfa Romeos, for which, factory documentation is sparse at best. To help our fellow Alfisti, our on-line library provides a platform for restoration enthusiasts to share hard-to-find articles and various other documentation. The library currently contains 97 documents, available for viewing or download.
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Recently Uploaded Documents About the On-Line Library
jpeg Instruction manual for the 750 Giulietta
pdf 115 Spiders: Brake and Backup Light Circuits
pdf 115 Spiders: Parking and Break Warning Circuits
pdf 115 Spiders: The Key Reminder Buzzer Circuit
pdf 115 Spiders: Hazard and Throttle Switches
pdf Alfa Romeo: The Coolant Temperature Gauge
pdf Alfa Romeo: The Oil Pressure Gauge
pdf Alfa Romeo: The Fuel Level Gauge
pdf 115 Spiders: Speedo and Tachometers
pdf 115 Spiders: The Heater and Fan Circuits
pdf 115 Spiders: Windshield Wiper Motor Circuits
pdf 115 Spiders: Headlights and Parking Lights
pdf Alfa Romeo: Light Bulb Replacement
pdf 115 Spiders: The Fuse Box
pdf 115 Spiders: Under the Hood, Ignition Circuits
pdf 115 Spiders: Alfa Romeo Basic Circuits
pdf 115 Spiders: Electrical Equipment Specifications
pdf 115 Spiders: Electrical Tools
pdf 115 Spiders: Introduction to Electrical Circuits
pdf 115 Spiders: Vehicle Specifications
The MyAlfa on-line library is a collection of documents uploaded by fellow Alfisti, to be shared amongst the Alfa Romeo communities. These documents include hard-to-find copies of User Manuals, wiring diagrams, Technical Specifications, Tune-Up and Repair Guides, and various other documentation.

If you have an article or document that is not in our library yet, we encourage you to share it with your fellow members.

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Also, for information on smaller repairs and technical know-how, check out our Quick Notes collection.