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About Us
MyAlfa was founded in 2001 by a group of Alfisti in Baltimore, Maryland. The initial intent of the website was to bring Alfa Romeo enthusiasts together and to assist restoration of antique Alfas by providing the forum to locate hard-to-find parts and accessories.
The initial intent of the site was to provide a cost-effective alternative to EBay for parts and car sales. You may have noticed that the current version of the site no longer supports this feature. The reason behind this is that providing a secure environment for exchanging parts and services proved to be simply too expensive for us to maintain.
To compensate for the removal of the "for sale" option, we added several new and exciting features to our current list of services: User-editable technical notes and a 780,000 data point VIN and Motor number data registry. We also improved our on-line Alfa Romeo document library, filled with useful manuals, technical specifications and tune-up and repair guides. We also offer a comprehensive on-line factory tool catalog for Giulias, Giuliettas, as well as for the 2000 and 2600 Touring Models. Library
At MyAlfa, we welcome your comments and suggestions. Should you have an questions about existing products, or have a recommendation for a new product you would like to see added to our site, please do not hesitate to contact us.